Shop and Gallery in Fukuoka

Studio1156 is built to showcase authentic, beautiful and daily-use Japanese tableware and fine gifts from the ceramic-producing towns of Arita, Imari, Hasami and Karatsu.

Website & Online Store


We strive to offer a great e-shopping experience worldwide. We believe our carefully curated products will enhance your lifestyle and appreciation of the Japanese esprit.

Restaurantware Wholesale


Our porcelain and pottery tableware collection are over 2,000; we also supply high-end glassware, lacquerware, cookware and woodenware from all over Japan to meet your demand. 

Japanese Tableware Coordinator, Supplier


Whatever your needs, we can advise you on available styles and help you select products from both traditional and contemporary Japanese craft houses. We can also help you in the design of bespoke products.

Private Brand Product

Our project also works on making bespoke products; we provide a consistent service to help interpret and communicate your design needs between you and the makers. We can also build your original designs on an OEM basis.