[London] Endo at the Rotunda on opening day!


One Michelin Starred in 2020

The long-awaited Endo at the Rotunda finally opened on the 12th April 2019. Third-generation sushi master and former executive sushi chef at Zuma, Endo Kazutoshi opened the high-end 16-seat restaurant on the top floor rotunda of the former BBC Television Centre building in White City. The restaurant is designed by the world-renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

We had the great honour of being sushi master Endo-san’s guests on the official opening night.

We worked with Endo-san for the year leading up to the opening of Endo at the Rotunda. Our carefully curated tableware for his restaurant is mainly from the ceramic-producing towns of Arita and Karatsu in Japan. We also supplied high-end glassware, lacquerware, cookware and woodenware from all over Japan for Endo-san’s restaurant.

Custom-made: Box for Guinomi sake cups
Guinomi sake cups: Kyouzan-gama, Karatsuware and Endo-san’s collection
Guinomi sake cup: Kyouzan-gama, Karatsu ware
Chopstick rest: Kyouzan-gama, Karatsu ware
Lacquerware: Lidded soup bowl and spoon
Custom-made: Exclusive design for Endo at the Rotunda. 
Endo-san’s name is written 遠藤 in Japanese Kanji characters. 藤 means wisteria flower, and this flower is used for Japanese family crests. Our team’s designer was inspired by this idea and created the unique ‘British wisteria crests’ for this Gari-ginger plate and green tea cup. (Design: Kurokami Kikakushitsu, Plate: Denpei-gama, Arita ware)
Selected from Ryuta-gama, Karatsu ware

11 Days aged Otoro.

Japan is not the only place where Endo-san sources his ingredients. He searches out the best fish, meat and vegetables from all over Europe, and cooks them with his Japanese technique.

He sometimes ages fresh fish with delicate everyday care to bring its flavour to the best level. So, voila, that is why this Otoro was aged for 11 days!

Temperature is the most crucial thing for Endo-san’s sushi. He knows exactly when the best time is to serve us the best sushi at the best temperature. ‘Three-second rule’, he repeated. ‘Three seconds – please enjoy my sushi within three seconds after I serve it on your plate, otherwise, the sushi will lose quality.’

Custom-made: Nakanotouchi-gama, Karatsu ware
Beautiful one-of-a-kind glazing result
Bowl with Seigaiha (featuring overlaid wave-like concentric circles) pattern. This pattern is used as an auspicious motif to pray for the prosperity of descendants because waves, which move in cycles, represent the repetition of good luck.
Flat pottery plate for Sushi: Kyouzan-gama, Karatsu ware
Porcelain bowls: Imari ware, Hasami ware
Matcha Bowls from Arita and Endo-san’s collection
Bowl for soufflé: Arita ware

Endo-san has an infectious enthusiasm for food. ‘Sushi is amazing, not me’, he says with a big smile. His confidence in his sushi and his excitement at sharing the experience with all his guests create a relaxed atmosphere where we find ourselves chatting to the other guests, sharing Endo-san’s love of food and knowing we’re experiencing something truly special.

Every piece of Sushi was exquisite, beautifully presented on dishes with the utmost attention to detail. A huge thank you to Endo-san and his staff, we had the best dining experience in London!


As you can see from the variety of teacup designs that Endo-san has chosen, you can take a mix and match approach with Japanese tableware and still maintain a coordinated look.

Whatever your needs, we can advise you on available styles and help you select products from both traditional and contemporary Japanese craft houses. We don’t only supply Sushi restaurants – our clients have included a wide variety of restaurants: French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Japanese Izakaya.

We help interpret and communicate your design needs between you and the makers, as well as helping negotiations during the production process, and managing logistics. If you’re looking for something more unique, we can also help you in the design of bespoke products.


The Helios, 8th Floor, White City House Television Centre
101 Wood Lane, London W12 7FR
+44 (0)20 3972 9000
Opening Hours
Open daily from Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

Website www.endoatrotunda.com